The Importance of Https (HyperText Transport Protocol Secure)

Posted on Monday, March 13, 2017 by Tyler

If you’re one to notice small details, you may have seen that an “s” now appears after the http in most of our web addresses, so “https://www…”. Https stands for HyperText Transport Protocol Secure. The “s” signals that we’ve taken steps to block the misuse of website data from intruders and malicious attackers. Https protects the integrity of your website by helping prevent hackers from tampering with the communications between the site and its users; it also protects the privacy and security of your users by stopping intruders from being able to passively listen to communications between your site and your users. Plus, Google Search recognizes https as a sign of a legitimate and trustworthy site, so it bumps up where your site appears in search results. And don’t worry—if your users still type the web address in without the “s”, they’ll be automatically directed to your site regardless.

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