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Build a Better Website with Pilch & Barnet

Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2016 by Kate

Our web team here at Pilch & Barnet has been pretty busy lately building some amazing websites.

More are in the hopper, but within the last few months, we’ve proudly launched new sites for the Town of Land O’ Lakes Accommodations Commission, the Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce and Vilas County Tourism & Publicity.

All three destinations are located in Wisconsin’s Northwoods and are visually breathtaking, so incorporating bold imagery was an important building block in creating their sites.  Each makes use of large, colorful photos capturing the serenity and beauty of each destination, but also highlighting the myriad of activities available in each location. Travelers are able to easily imagine themselves there, fishing, paddling, biking, or just relaxing under the stars.


Another key element is video. On Vilas County’s website, video is used to generate excitement about everything there is to do and see in the area – waterskiing, paddling, ziplining, shopping. The video immediately engages the site visitor with the season’s best fun and as summer turns to fall, and fall to winter, the videos will change too, giving the site a fresh look and always keeping seasonal activities in the forefront.


On Sayner-Star Lake’s site, video will soon be incorporated to feature the area’s lodging properties and their proprietors. The identities and backstories of the folks who run these establishments play an important part of the experience of a Sayner-Star Lake visitor and video is an ideal way to capture those playful, larger-than-life personalities.


Other important goals in our site building include ease of navigation, engaging but succinct copy, clear directives to our other marketing channels like social media and helpful, interactive maps. The common denominator here is usefulness. We’re web users and travelers just like the folks we’re marketing to, and we believe websites should above all, be useful. That’s why we strived to make it easy for visitors to find places to stay, things to do and maps to get them there. For travelers seeking even more info, we made it effortless to sign up for e-newsletters and promotions and a cinch to find more great photos and videos through our clients’ social media networks.

Could your website use a facelift? Get it touch with us here.

Link Friday: The Tourism Websites Edition

Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2015 by Kate

By now you know that a well-functioning, responsive, beautifully designed website is essential to your business. This is especially true for those of us promoting travel destinations. Let’s take a peek at some tourism websites sure to inspire you.

  • The Virunga National Park’s (in Africa) new website is gorgeous. It takes full advantage of well-lit, engaging photos, it’s easy to navigate and it puts visitor reviews front and center. Reviews are the big thing right now, so if you’ve got ‘em, use ‘em.
  • Less is more for Tennessee. Copy light and photo heavy, this website is images of one fun thing after another.
  • Travel Belize’s site literally unfolds as you scroll, revealing exciting adventures and leaving you wondering what will come next.
  • Using video as a website background can be super effective at selling a destination, when it’s done right. Australia’s landing page takes you on video adventures throughout the country, from dawn to dusk, before transitioning into a useful navigational tool that breaks the country into different regions to explore. Instead of continuing to scroll, you’ll be stopped in your tracks and end up watching the whole video, which equals more time on site per visit for them.

The latest from the workshop

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2012 by Tyler
Northwoods of Wisconsin App

Representing a group of five counties in northern Wisconsin, Pilch & Barnet in 2012 launched a successful marketing campaign for The Northwoods of Wisconsin, including a website, mobile apps for Android and Apple and a Facebook page.

Addy Winner