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Two easy ways to build your brand on Snapchat (without a brand account!)

Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2017 by Kate

There’s no denying Snapchat is a powerhouse in social media, but for brands, the idea of having a constant presence on the platform can feel daunting, even overwhelming. But, good news! Your brand can reach people on Snapchat, without having to commit to an account. Here’s how.


No doubt Snapchat users love their lenses (you know, the graphics that give you puppy ears or make you look like you’re barfing rainbows?), but creating one takes a professional designer and they start at around $100,000!

Instead, try a geofilter. When users take a photo or video, they can swipe within the app to see a series of available filters. What users see depends on where they are, what day it is, etc. Some make note of the city or neighborhood the user is in, but others are reserved especially for events.

They’re relatively easy to design (Snapchat has its own design tool you can use, or you can create your own with their specifications), then you choose the time you want the filter to be available, and exactly which area you want it to be shown in, all for an extremely reasonable cost! A geofilter for an event like a football game, a fair, or concert that lasts a couple of hours in a relatively confined space can easily cost under $100.

Custom Snapcodes

If you do any print material, custom Snapcodes are an easy way to get Snapchat users to your website. Users take a photo of your code using the Snapchat app, then are immediately directed to the site of your choosing.

Creating one yourself takes just a few seconds. The Snapcode is e-mailed to you and can be incorporated into posters and signs. It’s especially helpful if you’ve got a longer or more complicated web address, or if people won’t be able to spend much time engaging with your material.

Need advice?

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Link Friday: The Snapchat for Business Edition

Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2016 by Kate

Snapchat has an estimated 100 million daily active users, which leaves many brands wondering if they need a presence on this popular platform. Let’s explore.

  • Here are some stats about Snapchat you might find helpful, including the fact that more than 70% of users are millennials (71% are under 34) and about 70% are women.
  • So if you’re not interested in targeting women, or anyone in their 30s and younger, you can probably tap out here. If you’re still with me, here’s a handy explanation of exactly how Snapchat works.
  • Check out these real-life examples of brands putting Snapchat to good use.
  • Another way brands are finding success is with lenses (for example, Taco Bell’s lens turned your head into a giant taco). Unless you’ve got six digits to spend though, this is likely out of range.
  • For businesses with a more modest budget, consider a Geofilter. You design a look that can be placed over users’ snaps, when they’re in certain locations. There are free versions (where you can’t use brand logos) and paid “on demand” versions (where you can brand all you want).