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Link Friday: The Timeline Contests Edition

Posted on Friday, September 13, 2013 by Brianna

Did you know Facebook recently loosened the reins on their contest guidelines? Here’s what’s happening.

  • Prior to the change, Facebook required contests and promotions be run through a third party application. Now, businesses are free to run them right on their Facebook timeline. Timeline contests can be as quick and simple as posting text or a photo and asking people to comment and/or like it.
  • Big news, right? Well, turns out most businesses were already doing this, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Still, the benefits of running these low-cost and easy-to-create contests are now legally available to everyone, and that’s big. The contests are also good for engagement and mobile compatibility.
  • You can use Timeline contests to do a number of things, like drive “like” and comment entries and collect valuable data. Consult these best practices when planning yours.
  • Though there are a number of benefits to running Timeline contests, there’s still a place for using third party apps. Among many reasons, use third party apps to gather email addresses, incentivize sharing and appear more professional.

Link Friday: The Running a Pinterest Contest Edition

Posted on Friday, July 19, 2013 by Kate

Have you tried your hand at running a Pinterest contest yet? It’s a relatively easy way to interact with followers in a very visual manner. In this week’s Link Friday, we’ve compiled some tips to help get you started.

There isn’t one definitive way to run a Pinterest contest, so be creative! And hopefully these tips will give you some ideas for how to get your contest up and running.