Spending your ad dollars wisely — Be an investor

Posted on Monday, November 28, 2011 by Tyler

The wise business person spends his advertising dollars like an investor. Investors seek safe and reliable returns on their investments. They know they can’t afford to risk all their advertising dollars in one single shot. And just as importantly, investor-minded advertisers know that consistently repeating your message creates confidence in potential customers. This is the basis for brand image-based advertising.

Like an investment portfolio, your portfolio of advertising tools should be diversified. By using a carefully selected range of advertising tools, you can multiply the effects of your marketing dollars.

Lastly, advertising is most like investing in that the return on your advertising dollars will be measured in moderate increases, not windfalls. Many business people, particularly those who are just starting out, expect much more out of their advertising investment than is even possible. There’s no fast way to an easy buck—the business world has never worked that way with any long term success.

So save the gambling for the office pool and start treating your advertising dollars like an investment—with smart planning and measurable return on investment.

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