Link Friday: The Fall 2015 Shoulder Season Edition

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2015 by Kate

Summer’s winding down, school’s starting – it can be a bummer to bid farewell to the glory of summer, but fall’s got one thing going for it: cheaper travel!

  • Fall is a shoulder season: the time just before or just after the high season (high season = the time when it costs you and arm and a leg to take your family someplace).
  • Here’s a handy infographic detailing the best places to go and when, to take advantage of shoulder season savings.
  • Finding better prices in the off-season even applies to vacation rentals, if hotels aren’t your thing.
  • Lower lodging prices combined with airfares that are, on average, nearly six-percent less than last year, is making for some extra sweet deals. Word is, airfare could drop even lower.
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