Link Friday: The Agritourism Edition

Posted on Friday, June 7, 2013 by Brianna

Agritourism has become a popular travel option, benefitting the agricultural industry and serving as a fun and educational opportunity for tourists. Here’s what’s going on with this trend.

  • Rural America is tapping into the growing desire among vacationers for an authentic connection to the natural world.
  • Members of the agricultural industry are using agritourism as a means of boosting their income while educating and exciting consumers about the industry.
  • Farmers and ranchers invite tourists onto their property to experience the best of what their agriculture has to offer, including fresh products, fun family activities and overnight farm stays.
  • With the recent passing of a bill that protects agritourism professionals by minimizing the risks of entering the agritourism industry, expect to see this industry continue to grow.