Link Friday: The 2015 Thanksgiving Edition

Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2015 by Kate

Thanksgiving is almost here. Let’s talk turkey.

  • Did you know that the day before Turkey Day is actually nowhere near the busiest day for flying? It’s the 121st Find out the real busiest here.
  • Good news if you’re driving this year. Gas, in some spots (including here in Madison, Wisconsin), is now under $2 a gallon.
  • This year’s turkey dinner is expected to be more expensive than ever, thanks to the bird flu. But your costs will still pale in comparison to the $45,000 price tag for Thanksgiving dinner at The Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City. Did we mention there’s a 2-carat diamond ring stuffed inside the bird? See the other extravagant goodies included.
  • Ever wonder which is America’s favorite pie, on this, the holiday of overeating? Find the answer here.
  • Huffington Post gave a suggestion on how to broach the subjects of elections, religion and refugees over dinner: don’t. Here instead are 27 things you can discuss instead (that are far less likely to bring your family to fisticuffs).
  • If those topics won’t work, consider making one of these nasty Thanksgiving recipes (gravy pizza?!), sure to become a conversation piece (in between the gagging, anyway).


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