Link Friday: The Mobile Optimize in 2014 Edition

Posted on Thursday, January 23, 2014 by Kate

In 2014, mobile optimization is something your business needs to give serious thought. Having to pinch and zoom and endlessly scroll can quickly sour a user’s experience of your brand. It’s time to get educated about this trend.

  • Smartphones are constantly gaining in popularity and mobile web traffic is on the rise. This article gives you hard numbers on why your website simply must be mobile optimized.
  • When you opt to mobile optimize, you’ve got to decide if you want to make an “m-dot” site or make yours responsive. Going “responsive” seems to be where most are headed these days.
  • If you send a lot of e-mails, you’re going to want to consider mobile optimizing those as well.
  • Here are some sharp examples of mobile websites to help jump start your creativity!
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