Link Friday: The 2015 Super Bowl edition

Posted on Thursday, January 29, 2015 by Kate

It’s Super Bowl weekend. The pinnacle of advertising for big brands. And although they’re still dropping serious money to play, every year, social media grows more essential to a big marketing win.

  • 74% of Super Bowl viewers say they’d write a status or hashtag if they see something that moves them to action during the game. Half said they’d share a commercial on social media. That means the buzz goes on far longer than the play clock.
  • So your brand doesn’t have millions of dollars to shell out for a 30 second ad. You can still use the Super Bowl as a marketing opportunity with social media.
  • Who will win the big game? (hint: NOT THE PACKERS grrr) Social media just might be the crystal ball gamblers have been waiting for.
  • If the winner of the Super Bowl was based on Klout scores, who would win? Find out here.
  • Facebook plans to promote video clips of the game directly into users’ newsfeeds to keep them from visiting a third-party site like YouTube to find clips to share. That way you never have to leave Facebook during the big game. Smart.
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