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Link Friday: The 2017 Fourth of July Edition

Posted on Friday, June 23, 2017 by Kate

A record 44 million Americans are ready to get away this Fourth of July!

  • According to AAA, that number is almost 3% more than last year. Cheaper gas, lower rental car rates and more affordable airfare all appear to be in play.
  • If you’re looking for the finest fireworks, set your GPS to the east coast where four of the ten biggest and brightest fireworks shows can be found.
  • If you’re looking for the most affordable getaways, check out these lesser traveled hotspots for the Fourth.
  • For the best parties, it looks like the East Coast wins again, but fear not, fellow Midwesterners, the coasties don’t get to have all the fun. Chicago made the rankings too.
  • And if, by chance, you’re not looking to travel at all, our national holiday will still profit your wallet. It’s the best time of year for shopping on a long list of items.

The Responsive Advantage

Posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 by Kate

We’re putting a lot of thought into responsive design in our web projects for a reason – the days of struggling to navigate websites on a smartphone are over. Today, responsive (smartphone-friendly) design is the norm. It allows users to easily navigate content, which is particularly important for travel and tourism websites. Why? More than 60 percent of Google searches now come from smartphones and that number is growing. That statistic is mirrored by the analytics we track on the sites we manage. When people are making travel plans at home, at work or on the road, they are using their phones. When they are exploring destinations, the smartphone is their guide. In fact, a survey commissioned by Expedia found that one-fifth of U.S. travelers consider their smartphone the most indispensable item for travel, just as important as carrying a driver’s license. We are working to make sure we capture this audience.

How do we build a responsive site that serves these travelers? We start by taking a mobile-first approach to our design process. Our designs use a fluid grid that allows a flexible, scalable layout. In other words, it will still be easy to navigate and attractive, no matter what the screen size. We use flexible text and images that can be scaled and cropped, allowing display on a small screen. The site is coded to allow multiple layouts and before we launch a site, we conduct user testing on multiple devices to ensure that all elements of the site function properly. We make sure the site works on the latest iPhone and Android devices, as well as phones that are a few years old.

Website design is an evolving craft and responsive design is something that we’ll continue to make central to our design work, so when someone is conducting travel research, they’ll find their destination.

Link Friday: The 2017 Road Trip Edition

Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2017 by Kate

Buckle up – it’s time for a summer road trip!

  • According to AAA, more Americans will take a road trip this summer than last and the travel outlook for the summer looks strong.
  • Travel + Leisure mapped out some of the country’s very best road trips from sea to shining sea, here.
  • Those are pretty scenic, but maybe even more fun are these roadies based on cult classic TV shows like Twin Peaks and X Files.
  • Or you could plan your route around the some of the world’s most specific art museums like the Smiley Face Museum in New York City or the Toilet Seat Art Museum in San Antonio.
  • Road trips can teach you a lot of things – like how to become an expert, Tetris-style car packer or exactly how many miles you can drive after that low fuel light goes on – but it can also teach you a few really important things about marketing.