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Dragonfly Hot Yoga Shoot

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2011 by Alyson

Dragonfly Hot Yoga StudioOur shoot yesterday at Dragonfly Hot Yoga was one of Pilch & Barnet’s all-time best photo shoots. The space was bright and beautiful and the models were numerous and helpful.

We arrived just as a class was ending and we started sweating as soon as we entered the room. It isn’t called hot yoga for nothing! I can see why this is a great environment for doing yoga. The warmth extended beyond the temperature—there is this welcoming atmosphere that pervades the space, from the people to the layout.

Asanasat Dragonfly Hot YogaSo many models showed up for the shoot that owner Megan Ryan Kaiser was touched. She started Dragonfly with the idea that this would become a true yoga community—and it looks like she’s already succeeded.

The models were impressive in their willingness to hold some really difficult poses for a really long time so we could get our shots. We know how challenging—and maybe even painful—some of these poses were and it was very impressive. We were able to work right from our story boards because we could get every single shot we needed. It just doesn’t get any better.

Friday Links: Cooling Off

Posted on Friday, July 22, 2011 by Alan

It’s been one hell of a hot week in Madison. So hot, in fact, that I break out in a sweat just walking to the office (it’s three blocks!). Hotter than opening night seats to Harry Potter 7X2? Yep. Hotter than a cheap hotel room in Dehli? Probably. In honor of the wicked temperatures, here’s our Friday links, served at a gazpacho-cool 67 degrees.

The heat wave in Madison has P&B thinking cool thoughts.

Meet the newest spokesman for Old Spice: the author, sex symbol, former star of Acupulco Heat… the one, the only, FABIO (via Adweek). The ads are the product of uberagency Wiedon+Kennedy.

Fiji’s tourism agency, Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland taunts cold New Zealanders with a clever billboard.

My Life Scoop counts down the top 10 apps for summer, including an awesome Road Trip Bingo.

Social media is addictive (duh?) reports Anne Tergeson of the Wall Street Journal. Did you know there are hotel packages promising discounts if you check in your devices?

The new guy

Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2011 by Alan

Alan Hamari, PR and New Media SpecialistHi, everybody! I just wanted to say a quick hello as Pilch & Barnet’s soon-to-be new PR and New Media Specialist.

I will be starting full-time in the office next month, and I can’t wait to join my wonderful future coworkers, including longtime best bud and web designer extraordinaire Kindra Goehler.

A little bit about me: I was a reporter and editor (and jack-of-all-trades, really) at daily and weekly newspapers in Janesville and Milwaukee before making the transition to the PR and marketing side of things. I’m excited about jumping in feet-first and learning lots of new things.

I’m also excited about coming back to Madison, where I went to school and lived for two years while working at the Janesville Gazette. I can’t wait to kick back at the Terrace after work on some of those beautiful autumn evenings we have in Madison. (Also, go Badgers!)

When I’m not writing or keeping up on the latest social media trends, I enjoy reading (historical nonfiction is my genre of choice), watching movies (I unfortunately had to decline an invite to the midnight screening of “Captain America” tonight) and bicycling (though I’m more Louis Armstrong than Lance Armstrong in that department).

Anyway, I’m excited to be the latest addition to the wonderful staff at Pilch & Barnet, and I can’t wait to help meet our clients’ marketing and promotional needs!

P&B Culture: Creative Sessions

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 by Alan

Back in the dead of winter, Pilch & Barnet’s staff took a day trip to Milwaukee’s art museum for some strategic planning. In between discussing goals, the agency’s past and future, current client work and work to come, we gave some thought to office culture.

One of the best things to emerge from that meeting has been our creative sessions. Every Wednesday over lunch, the entire office (creative department, copywriters, web designers, production manager – everybody) gets together in the conference room and work outside our specialties on a project that needs more input. On any given Wednesday, Matt (copy) will offer his take on the look of a commercial, Kindra (web design) shares her two cents on a client’s branding research, and Carli (production) might get a say in our latest promotional campaign.

Why the cross disciplinary approach? One universal feeling at our Milwaukee meeting was the sense that different parts (and people) at Pilch & Barnet were cut off from one another. That feeling is probably inevitable at an office with as many facets as ours. Design can’t quite follow the latest campaign idea coming out of copy; copy doesn’t understand the vibe that our videographer wants in her next commercial; etc. But we wanted to find a way to keep one another in the loop a little more, not only by sharing our work on specific projects, but also by getting a closer look at each departments’ work process.

More than bridging communication gaps, though, our creative sessions also acknowledge the untapped resources at Pilch & Barnet. As at other agencies, our staff spend most of their time working in one area of marketing and advertising. But expertise in one part of marketing doesn’t mean that we’re ignorant of other parts of the business. Copywriters (believe it or not) can have an eye for color. Web designers can turn a pretty phrase.

These creative sessions give us a chance to stretch our legs, to work on new projects from a different perspective than we’re used to. They’re also great for team building. Personally, it’s one of my favorite times of the week.

Friday Links: Vacation Edition

Posted on Friday, July 1, 2011 by Alan

Of course, every edition of a blog post at P&B is a vacation edition. But this week is special. That’s because we’re headed (like half the country, it seems) off for some R&R. But you don’t want to hear about our vacations. You want to hear about…

Kevin Allen at PR Daily reports on Facebook’s connection with SEO. Bottom line: 1 fan = 20 additional visits to your website every year.

Ragan takes a look at the big kahuna of social marketing secrets: the best time to update.

Kindra’s digging the Dropp app produced by Sense Labs. If you’ve got an iPhone, use Dropp to leave location-based messages anywhere on Earth that other people can view when they get there. Think of it as “I was here” for the digital age.

Awesome city marketing idea being developed by Minneapolis’ Adam Brackney, via Creative Roots.