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Link Friday: The 2015 College Edition

Posted on Thursday, September 3, 2015 by Kate

Classes have fired back up at UW-Madison – let’s talk about marketing and social media for generation Z.

  • College back-to-school spending topped $30 billion last year – this is not a market you want to ignore. Here are some tips for getting their attention.
  • Did you know that colleges are now looking at the social media accounts for potential students as part of the admissions process?
  • Eastern Michigan University decided to employee the help of its students in its latest marketing campaign – soliciting selfies and using them on billboards to promote the school.
  • You might remember having to stand in line or call in on the phone to register for classes, but now, pretty much everything’s done online . At some universities, students can even download textbooks for free for two weeks, in case they decide to drop the class. Smart!