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Link Friday: The 2017 Fall Travel Edition

Posted on Friday, October 20, 2017 by Kate

Fall is what we travel folks like to call a shoulder season. For those of you not in the know, shoulder season = good deals.

Link Friday: The 2017 Fall Shoulder Season Edition

Posted on Friday, August 18, 2017 by Kate

Like it or not (I do not), summer is winding down. The days are getting shorter and it won’t be long before we feel that familiar nip in the air. Pumpkin spice is coming. But good news, lovers of travel – so is shoulder season!

  • Shoulder what? Shoulder season is the time between the high season and the low season for travel destinations. Think spring and fall.
  • Obviously, shoulder season travel can present a few challenges. You know, like hurricanes. But thoughtful planning around the few drawbacks it might present can yield some high returns – like big time travel deals.
  • Other cool perks of shoulder season vacations? Fewer people (did I mention I hate crowds?). Way fewer people. And cooler weather. Even food is cheaper!
  • Check out these awesome destinations that are way more affordable in the shoulder season.

Link Friday: The Fall 2015 Shoulder Season Edition

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2015 by Kate

Summer’s winding down, school’s starting – it can be a bummer to bid farewell to the glory of summer, but fall’s got one thing going for it: cheaper travel!

  • Fall is a shoulder season: the time just before or just after the high season (high season = the time when it costs you and arm and a leg to take your family someplace).
  • Here’s a handy infographic detailing the best places to go and when, to take advantage of shoulder season savings.
  • Finding better prices in the off-season even applies to vacation rentals, if hotels aren’t your thing.
  • Lower lodging prices combined with airfares that are, on average, nearly six-percent less than last year, is making for some extra sweet deals. Word is, airfare could drop even lower.

Link Friday: The 2015 Spring Travel Edition

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2015 by Kate

Happy first day of spring! Let’s talk about spring travel.

Link Friday: The Fall Travel Edition

Posted on Thursday, September 18, 2014 by Kate

The official start of fall is just a few days away. Here’s a little glimpse at the travel outlook.

  • Here’s a pretty comprehensive overview of what travelers can expect this fall. (Spoiler alert: airfare prices are up, hotel costs are up even more, but car rental prices are down.)
  • It’s not all bad news. Fall is also “shoulder season” which means certain kinds of travel (and travel to certain places) are actually a way better deal this time of year.
  • Check out these best cities in America for an autumn adventure.
  • Thinking about how to market your destination for fall? Tourism powerhouse Pure Michigan gives the season its own section of their website, including a color map, great fall activities and stunning imagery.
  • No travel itinerary in your future? Explore this photo gallery of the finest fall color in North America.

Link Friday: The Shoulder Season Edition

Posted on Thursday, August 7, 2014 by Kate

Travelers are wising up to the magic that is the shoulder season.

  • The what season? Definition here.
  • What’s so great about it? Click to find out.
  • Check out these shoulder season travel planning tips and don’t-miss-destinations.
  • If you’re in the tourism business, here’s some helpful advice for attracting shoulder season tourists (the article is about vacation home rentals, but it easily applies to most lodging).

Link Friday: The Shoulder Season Edition

Posted on Friday, July 26, 2013 by Brianna

The best time to vacation is in the summertime, right? The kids have off, the weather is nice and it just seems like the right time to get away. But traveling in the summer also means elevated prices, hoards of people and depending where you go, sweltering summer heat. Have you ever tried traveling during the shoulder season?

  • Shoulder season sits between peak traveling season, summer, and low traveling season, winter. Traveling during spring and autumn awards you several great perks.
  • By traveling during shoulder season, you’ll avoid peak season crowds, enjoy pleasant spring, late summer or early autumn weather and save a lot of money while you do it.
  • Here’s some advice for traveling shoulder season. Beware of limitations on transportation and seasonal attractions, plan climate appropriate activities and prepare yourself for potentially uncooperative weather.
  • Since spring and autumn tend to be rainy, make sure to have a back-up plan.
  • Need some ideas for good shoulder season travel? These 5 destinations are great for fall travel.

Fall is coming up, giving you the perfect opportunity to plan a vacation to travel during shoulder season. Where will your travels lead you this autumn?

Link Friday: The Shoulder Season Edition

Posted on Friday, July 27, 2012 by Alan

If this summer left you short on budget, short on time and short on motivation for travel, your second chance is just around the bend. Shoulder season travel occurs in the off-season, when most folks are less likely to travel. This Link Friday will focus on the dynamics of shoulder season travel, and why you should be taking part in it.

Good luck with your travel plans! Thanks for reading!