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Link Friday: The Senior Travel Edition

Posted on Thursday, June 19, 2014 by Kate

Senior citizens often have extra time and extra money to spend. Is your destination senior-friendly?

  • With the number of senior citizens growing worldwide, marketing to this age demo just makes sense. But be sure you’re ready to handle this crowd – they demand impeccable service.
  • Here’s a look at what seniors are looking for when they plan their vacations. Applicable info on slide 12.
  • China is taking note of the rise of seniors traveling. Are you?
  • If you want to attract seniors, you need to consider improving your motorcoach offerings. Here’s some advice.

Link Friday: The Senior Citizen Travel Edition

Posted on Friday, October 18, 2013 by Brianna

Baby boomers have the travel bug like no generation of retirees before. Many members of this generation are youthful and have a knack for adventure, making them a prime market for the travel industry. Let’s explore this segment.

  • Senior citizen travel is a huge and growing segment of the travel industry.
  • One type of travel popular among the senior segment is genealogical travel, where seniors visit the country they’re from and explore their origins.
  • More and more travel companies are springing up in response to this booming segment of travelers. For example, the company Elder Treks organizes small group exotic adventures for travelers 50 plus.
  • Some of the favorite U.S. travel destinations among seniors include Niagara Falls, Alaska and Florida.
  • Is your business interested in targeting senior citizens? Since this segment is not typically well-versed in new technologies, stick to simple and traditional advertising techniques. Using dialogue and inspiring them to reminisce can also help hook them in.

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