Social Media Trends of 2013

Posted on Monday, January 21, 2013 by Brianna

Social media continues to command today’s marketing landscape. So what does the future look like for this marketing mammoth? Let’s take a look at some of the social media trends emerging for 2013.

First off, recognize the mobile trend in social media. Can you believe 33% of social media users are strictly using mobile? If that doesn’t indicate the power of mobile, consider Facebook’s prediction that its growth for mobile usage will surpass that of personal computers in 2013. Take advantage of this mobile potential by differentiating your desktop and mobile experiences. Also, following the trend of hyperlocal mobile services, integrate location services like check-ins into your social media platforms.

The next important trend is social media’s evolving advertising. As banner and interruption ads are falling to the wayside, branded entertainment and promoted content are becoming the advertising norm in social media. Examples of promoted content include promoted tweets on Twitter and sponsored stories on Facebook. When designing your advertising strategy, focus on convergence, which is the idea that ads and content can be interchangeable.

Another trend is the importance of analyzing the increasingly large amount of data provided by social media. Customer data mining is one of the greatest benefits of using social media, and new software and tools are emerging to help you do so. Watch for these new resources in 2013.

There are several other trends to look for in social media this year. First, pay special attention to social media internationally, as social media on other continents is growing between three and six times faster than in North America. Second, try using social media within your company as a community-building resource, which can greatly improve your bottom line. Finally, as social media evolves and becomes more complicated, educate yourself and your company.

We’ll leave you with a few social media trends specific to tourism marketing.

  • Pictures are becoming increasingly popular in social media, which makes perfect sense with the tourism industry. Begin by incorporating imagery where your consumers already are, and later consider implementing photo apps such as Instagram.
  • The integration of social media into your marketing mix is another important trend, so be sure your posts are leading customers to the right travel information for your destination.
  • Storytelling is a powerful way to build relationships with your customers, so be very deliberate when portraying your destination’s personality.
  • Social media lends itself well to crowdsourcing, so integrate your customer’s ideas into your content mix.

2013 is here so get in the game and capitalize on these social media trends for the upcoming year.

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