Photo Shoot

Posted on Thursday, March 3, 2011 by Alyson

This past Saturday, myself and Alyson braved the chilly, and soon to be snowing weather, and hit Middleton’s own Capital Brewery’s Bock Fest.

Camera in tow, we marched our way through the crowds that were already there, taking shots of the folks inside and out. This was my very first time to the event, and I could barely believe how many people were there. It appeared to me right away this was going to be a fun crowd to photograph. Unlike some shoots were the models seemed reluctant to have their image taken, the revelers here were more than happy to pose as long as they could hoist their icy cold brews into the air and thusly partake.

After about an hour it became very clear to me that I was under dressed. I didn’t have a hat (winter in Wisconsin) a thin pair of mittens (winter in Wisconsin) and a pair of hiking boots without gortex (winter in…you get the picture). Nonetheless, the band started to warm up and the crowd surged to almost sell out crowd, fun was being had by all, but I was cold and the shots I needed had been taken. Time to head out.

Next year I hope to go as a reveler myself, wearing the proper attire, with friends nearby, a mug of suds in hand and wait for the fish to be thrown from the roof at one of the most interesting festivals I have yet to fully attend.

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