More than a Pretty Font

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 by Brianna

There are tens of thousands of font families in the universe and more appearing every day. In the design process, a lot of care goes into the selection of a font. It’s the key component in communicating messages to potential travelers and arguably the most important element on a website.

In modern web design, fonts are trending bigger.

In many of our projects we’re incorporating larger fonts. When content began moving online in the early days of web design, smaller fonts were the norm, in part a carryover from newsprint projects. Over the years, the design world has shifted toward much larger fonts, for good reason. Careful use of increased font size can boost visual impact and increase readability and usability, particularly on mobile devices. In short, the message connects. We’ve incorporated larger fonts into the new sites we’re designing, in elements like body copy, headlines and pull quotes.

As we select fonts, we also ensure fonts match the tone and feel of the brands we’re executing and the projects we’re completing. Some additional considerations in this process include the use of custom or customized fonts, the legibility of a font, the personality and feel of a font and its application on mobile devices.

While we put a lot of thought into fonts and font size, our goal is simple: capture people’s attention and inspire them to travel.

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