Link Friday: The Tourism Mobile App Edition

Posted on Thursday, September 11, 2014 by Kate

Did you know travel-related apps are the 7th most downloaded type of apps?

  • So it begs the question, does my destination really need an app? And if you can ignore the fact that it’s a pitch from a place that makes mobile apps, this e-book has a lot of great facts and figures about mobile use in relation to tourism.
  • Most destination apps are an extension of their websites and/or visitor guides. The clever ones include an element of fun, like the Middleton Pick-N-Play app we created, where users who aren’t sure what they want to do in town and just shake their iPhones and let the app choose for them.
  • Another great concept for a travel app is to tap into popular activities in the area. For example, in the Map It Vilas County app we created, users can find the perfect trail for any activity and any season, and it even has filters for mileage and pet allowances.
  • If you’ve got a lot to offer (like a whole country’s worth of stuff), you could go out all out, like the Hong Kong Tourism board did, creating a ton of different apps including a virtual tour guide with full panoramas and apps for island walks and heritage walks. P.S. Thailand went a little overboard too.
  • However you choose to do your mobile app, just be sure you do it well. Wonky apps look cheap and research is showing that a good number of smartphone users don’t trust apps when they don’t know who’s behind them. Make sure your tourism entity is completely transparent in your descriptions.