Link Friday: The Tasty Travels Edition

Posted on Friday, October 12, 2012 by Alan

Nobody likes to travel on an empty stomach. In fact, food can be the highlight of a vacation. This week’s Link Friday is all about satisfying both your sense of adventure and your appetite.

  • Driving while hungry can be even more aggravating than hearing, “Are we there yet?” When packing food for road trips, consider these tips and snacks.
  • Although convenience may be ultra-appealing when you’re trying to reach your destination as quickly as possible, avoid fast-food joints and consider some healthy, on-the-road eating tips.
  • But if you’d rather make a pit stop to satisfy your appetite, let us direct you to some great food off the interstate.
  • Or follow this flow chart instead.
  • For those of you who plan your vacations around great food, check out Food and Wine’s 20 Best Food Cities and Food and Travel’s Gourmet Traveller.
  • And to avoid what airlines like to call “food,” here are goodies you can carry on the plane.

Enjoy! Have a good weekend!

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