Link Friday: The Pinterest Edition

Posted on Friday, June 15, 2012 by Alan

Now that our first Pinterest board is officially live, this Link Friday will focus on how Pinterest is being used. Not only has the destination marketing industry adopted Pinterest as the up and coming social media site, it is becoming an international phenomenon. Our Pinterest board only has some content for now, but make sure to follow it @WisconsinTravel for more to come!

  • Pinterest isn’t just about looking:  Pinterest users have a lot of buying power.
  • Here are 5 brands that have mastered the art of pinning and are effectively using it as a marketing tool.
  • We are using Pinerly to monitor and analyze our Pinterest boards. Here’s how it works.
  • Pinterest isn’t just a fad, it’s becoming global – and the Latin American audience is growing rapidly.
  • And, the hottest new pinner to follow: Michelle Obama!

That’s all from P&B. Happy pinning!

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