Link Friday: The GoPro Video Edition

Posted on Thursday, February 19, 2015 by Kate

There’s no question that GoPros, tiny personal HD recorders, have changed video forever. Easy to use, compact and fun, they give an unmatched first-person view of just about anything. So, should your business be using one?

  • If your company regularly uses videos in your marketing, it’s a pretty modest investment for something that can make almost anything look exciting. Check out these examples of GoPro making even lawn mowing interesting.
  • A GoPro is a no-brainer for tourism. If your destination has anything active to do (think biking, snowmobiling, skiing), strap on your GoPro and get out there! Potential tourists love a first-hand view of what they’re in for. Here’s an example of one we made for Middleton and another of ATVing and scuba diving in Black River Falls.
  • Even if you don’t have a GoPro yourself, chances are, your customers do. Ask them to submit their videos from your destination or using your product. You might end up with some really beautiful crowdsourced (i.e. free) promotional video.
  • So we’ve convinced you to buy your own GoPro. You’ve probably noticed that you can choose from what seems like no less than a thousand different accessories. Let us help you narrow down what you might actually need.
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