Link Friday: The Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet Edition

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2013 by Brianna

Have you tried using Facebook ads yet? The site has created a streamlined process for businesses to create ads to promote their Facebook pages, apps, events and more. Check out this cheat sheet for creating them.

  • Decide on a goal. What do you want to accomplish with your ad? You can use Facebook ads to get more page likes, promote page posts, advertise an event or increase app engagement.
  • Facebook automatically (at no additional cost!) creates sponsored stories that run alongside your ads, a social feature that helps people discover your business through their friends.
  • Choose the right audience. You may target using general measures such as location, age, gender and broad interest categories, or more advanced measures such as relationship status, languages and education. The new precise interests targeting allows you to target even further based on specific user interests. 
  • Create your campaign, pricing and schedule. The last step is to name your campaign, select your budget and set the schedule. Facebook optimizes the information you’ve provided to target the audience most appropriate for your ads.
  • Evaluate your ad’s success. Facebook generates an easy-to-read campaign summary that shows your reach, how much you’ve spent and how that reflects your return on investment. This lets you see exactly how the ad you created is affecting your chosen goal.

Now that we’ve given you the run down, it’s time to give Facebook ads a go! Good luck!