Friday Links: Vacation Edition

Posted on Friday, July 1, 2011 by Alan

Of course, every edition of a blog post at P&B is a vacation edition. But this week is special. That’s because we’re headed (like half the country, it seems) off for some R&R. But you don’t want to hear about our vacations. You want to hear about…

Kevin Allen at PR Daily reports on Facebook’s connection with SEO. Bottom line: 1 fan = 20 additional visits to your website every year.

Ragan takes a look at the big kahuna of social marketing secrets: the best time to update.

Kindra’s digging the Dropp app produced by Sense Labs. If you’ve got an iPhone, use Dropp to leave location-based messages anywhere on Earth that other people can view when they get there. Think of it as “I was here” for the digital age.

Awesome city marketing idea being developed by Minneapolis’ Adam Brackney, via Creative Roots.

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