Friday Links: Cooling Off

Posted on Friday, July 22, 2011 by Alan

It’s been one hell of a hot week in Madison. So hot, in fact, that I break out in a sweat just walking to the office (it’s three blocks!). Hotter than opening night seats to Harry Potter 7X2? Yep. Hotter than a cheap hotel room in Dehli? Probably. In honor of the wicked temperatures, here’s our Friday links, served at a gazpacho-cool 67 degrees.

The heat wave in Madison has P&B thinking cool thoughts.

Meet the newest spokesman for Old Spice: the author, sex symbol, former star of Acupulco Heat… the one, the only, FABIO (via Adweek). The ads are the product of uberagency Wiedon+Kennedy.

Fiji’s tourism agency, Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland taunts cold New Zealanders with a clever billboard.

My Life Scoop counts down the top 10 apps for summer, including an awesome Road Trip Bingo.

Social media is addictive (duh?) reports Anne Tergeson of the Wall Street Journal. Did you know there are hotel packages promising discounts if you check in your devices?

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