When communicating with customers, remember the basics

Posted on Saturday, September 21, 2019 by Kate

Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising everywhere they look, especially on social media. Paid advertising has taken over newsfeeds on nearly every social platform. While paid posts are necessary to increase web traffic and sales, brands must also maintain social pages with appealing organic content to build real relationships with potential customers.


One of the biggest challenges brands face on social media today is reaching audiences with organic content. While it’s critical to run paid posts, brands can benefit from developing strong organic posts. However, they can’t simply share information about their products or services to capture the attention of their audience. Even though someone follows the brand, they might not want to see posts about the brand on their timeline every day. This means brands should think about sharing information that serves their audience. For example, a vegan clothing brand profits from selling t-shirts, but it keeps its followers engaged by not only sharing photos of the shirts, but also sharing vegan recipes and lifestyle content. Diversifying the types of information included in posts keeps followers interested and engaged and strengthens brand identities.


Brands can form strong ties with followers and create customers by talking to them online. Whether it’s helping solve a customer’s problem via Facebook or directing someone to a website, small interactions can go a long way. Brands can start dialogue and increase engagement on their posts by posing questions to their followers. They can also utilize poll features to ask questions and get their followers thinking about the brand or topics related to their products. Organic posts that receive likes and comments tend to receive favor from algorithms, so the more people that are interacting with a post, the more people who will see it. Brands should make an effort to start conversations to create positive impressions and increase awareness through customer interaction.


In a world of curated, calculated messaging everywhere we look, social media users (especially young ones) have become more critical of advertising. Brands can combat the anti-advertising stigma by creating content, both organic and paid, that doesn’t use a “sales-y” voice. Many brands have chosen to post from their social media accounts as if the brand is an individual person. When taking on this voice, they’re able to act more personable and approachable, and they’re more easily able to start conversations with followers. They also enact the 80/20 rule, which means that only 20 percent of the content they share relates to products and promotions, while the other 80 percent is dedicated to sharing curated content, entertainment and useful information with followers.

Design Trends: Cold Industrial Meets Warm Vintage

Posted on Thursday, August 15, 2019 by Alan

Graphic designers are combining two classic designs to create a familiar but fresh look. The combination of industrial edges and vintage illustrations evoke an air of sophistication while inviting consumers in almost as if to say, “You can be part of our club.”

These two components – industrial, which is sharp, edgy and dark, and vintage with its warm, nostalgic and inviting vibes – are quite opposite when they stand alone. But when combined, they complement each other.

Web Trend: Inventive Typography

Posted on Saturday, July 13, 2019 by Ben Jones

When we think of the text on a website, we think of it as secondary to the imagery and functionality of the page. It provides context and important information. (“Like what you see? To inquire about availability at this lodging property, call 715-555-5555 or visit their website…”). It prompts users to take action. While this is still true, typography—the design of the font—is becoming increasingly important aesthetically in the space of image-dominant websites.

Tried-and-true (and perhaps a little hackneyed) websites place the text and images on a grid pattern. Newer sites try to create more stylish and out-of-box layouts that use asymmetrical patterns and a variety of media alongside carefully selected typeface. Below, see an example of an older website that segments its text and images like a grid next to a newer site that breaks from the form.

Additionally, now that our computer screens are sharper (even on mobile), traditional ideas around using sans serif fonts for legibility are changing. Previously, screens lacked sharpness and serif fonts were more difficult to read because of the multitude of small lines appended to each individual letter. See below.

Keep in mind, however: trendy designs are only as good as their legibility and the user experience. Visitors should be able to find information quickly without scrolling; they should be able to read text without squinting or turning their heads sideways. For this reason, it’s better to play it safe with longer paragraphs of text like blog posts.

Pilch & Barnet keeps the user experience in mind when choosing fonts in all instances big and small: from designing logos to coding websites.

The Importance of Paying to Promote

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2019 by Kate

More than 60 billion brands now have Facebook pages. Not so long ago, on average, 17% of a brand’s fan base saw its posts organically (meaning without paying to promote them). Now that number is hovering closer to 2% for many brands.

Facebook prioritizes relevant content, with the hope of providing the best user experience possible. Therefore, strong content will always be important, especially given how much noise there is from competing brands. But with 2% organic reach becoming the norm, paying to promote posts has become an absolute necessity.

Recognizing this decline on the horizon, Pilch & Barnet has been incorporating promoted posts into our clients Facebook advertising for years. With a modest budget, and careful moderation, the results of these ads speak for themselves, to the tune of several thousand engagements each quarter, along with strong and consistent reach among fans. And, the benefits keep multiplying, because the more engagement a page has, the more likely its posts are to show up organically in the future, at no extra cost!

We look forward to sharing your message with more potential visitors in 2019!

Significant Details For Find Perfect Wife Uncovered

Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 by Alyson

Taiwan is among the contributing exporters of all kinds of goods that are an awesome complement to virtually any household. What stays relatively unknown although is the phenomenon of Taiwan mail purchase brides who will additionally be eager to create the comfort and coziness of your home. Then again, these beauties will be so much more than only a prized possession. They have perhaps arguably the most sensitive stature in the world, individuals know how to organize children and take joy in it, and they’re genuinely devoted to the man they choose whatever the, – what alot more can a single guy ask for? Despite Taiwan has broken faraway from the rest of Asia following the Chinese innovation in 1949, Taiwan women still discuss plenty of common features with their sisters via mainland China, though decades of flexibility did leave the mark in the form of societal differences with the where you live now. For example , one of the banners of the communist ideology was the emancipation of women involving their education and career opportunities. On Taiwan, meanwhile, this unique did not happen until much later, and women here have got begun to enjoy general emancipation only mainly because late as in any 1980s. Even though time goes faster right, and so does all the social progress, Taiwan ladies’ attitude toward romantic matters and marriage is still mainly traditionalist. For instance, Taiwan women dating quite a few men still get frowned upon and described with all sorts of upsetting words. To avoid the following, hot Taiwan females have to be wary on the subject of their romantic world and only go out with someone when there is an seen chance of a ongoing commitment and marital life. Consequently, when a relationship leads to a marriage, a wonderful Taiwan woman doesn’t even want to imagine the chance of a divorce – she will apply all her work to preserve an enterprise and happy partnership no matter what.

At this time, many single gents in the West have cultivated somewhat weary of “European” beauty principles and instead flip their eyes toward more “exotic” gems. Asian women, like appeal to men just who admire miniature and seemingly fragile prominence, porcelain skin, and natural silky hair. It is not a rare thing in Asia overall, but Taiwan post order brides particularly benefit from the fact that Taiwan’s visa policies for some Western countries are arguably the most open-handed in Asia and this the necessary paperwork for a Taiwan mail order bride to get committed and relocate to at least one of the Western countries is much easier when compared to for most other Asian countries. Meanwhile, hot Taiwan brides are what one would expect in the Asian woman. Besides do they be sure to look naturally delightful at all times, but his or her’s faces always glee with cheerful teeth. It seems like no your life hardship can get these individuals down, and she could always aid all the emotional support to help you her husband and generally be fun to be around. According to most men, this really is an essential quality we can want in their possibilities wife.

In cases where it just therefore happens that you are not really big fan of Chinese cuisine, it’s not a big cope for her, too. Someone can say that the baking skills that Taiwan housewives pass on via mother to boy are largely theoretical. They are more about combining the products healthily and tastily than about staying on particular recipes. So , if you prefer a nice succulent burger or a France onion soup, she’s going to find a way to astound you non-etheless. In other words, finding a way with your heart through ones stomach will not ask any significant obstacle to her. That brief answer is certainly – yes, most surely. As we have already discussed, Taiwan women don’t treat a marriage casually. She wants to marry an ideal man once and for that entirety of the woman’s lifetime. But the girl doesn’t just passively want it. She is wanting to work for it since hard as it requires. Once she has made up her mind until this is the man this girl wants to spend the woman’s life with, she’ll stick to him no matter what and never even consider turning away from your ex boyfriend in the face of temporary hardships, like some ladies in your experience may well or may not do. Her traditional upbringing focuses on the things that last in life, and she knows that each the possible issues are temporary, regardless how severe they may be. That “in-built” knowledge is what allows the woman’s to keep that gleeful smile on her encounter at all times and to help all the support to make sure you her beloved husband whenever he may require it. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean that these time of have needs to happen constantly for you to appreciate the things an excellent wife the Taiwan mail arrangement bride is. She’ll be just as excellent every day, without any special occasions. For example , you are going to no longer have to stress about eating healthily considering she will take care of that. You may have noticed that you will don’t meet the only thing that many overweight many people of Asian ancestry. It is because Asian cuisines are arguably the healthiest in the world, and this is why they are hence popular. If someone can say that also about Asian nutrition from a fast cuisine joint, one can just imagine how scrumptious and nutritious it’s when your beautiful Taiwan bride applies most her skill to help you cook it on her behalf beloved husband.

Wouldn’t it end up being awesome to have a lady like the one we have described? However , a proficient gentleman always suspects that all that’s great comes at a value. In this case, it purely means that you have to encounter her expectations, to impress her. In essence, it’s easier as opposed to it may seem. All in all, these sexy Taiwan gals are not all that different from women in any several other part of the world. Right after they get married, individuals expect a spouse who will respect these and appreciate their particular effort.

Due to the lack of feminist tradition on Taiwan, what individuals call respect and appreciation is that which we would call a usual attitude toward ladies. It means being mindful of her needs and complimenting the great task she does savings around. Sadly, these dance still rarely understand it from local guys who take it all for granted, and a Taiwan lady will usually only notice it in Hollywood movies. Anyway, this part should not pose difficult to you: compliment her, show some desire for her culture and her life in most cases, surprise with small-scale presents like several small jewelry, an important box of the woman’s favorite chocolate, or maybe a bouquet of the girl’s favorite flowers. Most importantly, show that you are a great earnest man with serious intentions and attitude toward existence in every detail – from the choice of subject areas to your appearance. Taiwan brides for holy matrimony will not start a talking themselves because it’s considered rude, – so the choice of theme will be entirely for you to decide. An innocent trick or two may serve as a great icebreaker, but down the road, be well-advised to get to the point and speak about what you expect from this date. At the same time, don’t be too pushy and don’t indicate to any stories on the subject of your exes or simply any other negative experiences that you may have had, it doesn’t matter how amusing it may seem to you. As for the appearance, it’s best if you costume formally and be well-shaved and well-groomed. Your lady might like a “free artist, ” still she will barely be ready to see such a someone as a potential face of the family. Speaking of which, the patriarchal tradition that persists in Taiwan obliges you to meet and impress her home as well. Impressing them is also imperative considering she values all the opinion of her elders greatly. Inability to impress these may even cause the girl’s to say no as soon as you pop the question. However , it shouldn’t be too problematic to impress these people with the same signifies that we have already referred to: sharp look, earnest talk, compliments, and some small tokens in appreciation should do the actual.

You may have observed fascinating stories on the subject of nightlife in Taipei. This metropolis undoubtedly has a lot to choose from in terms of fun. Still if you are looking for a life long partner, you should consentrate on that goal, and fun is legitimate in this regard. Additionally you can have heard who if you travel lower into the island on the rural area, you may actually find Taiwan brides for sale: much less fortunate families may just be eager literally to sell their daughters apart to a “wealthy” foreigner. Attractive as it may sound to some, we firmly suggest everybody to live away from such gives because that’s officially human trafficking which can be not legal during Taiwan or some other country. It is very much wiser to sign up which has a Taiwan mail get brides website and meet Taiwan would-be brides online. Not only will a Taiwan brides-to-be agency free most people from the necessity to search all the way to Taipei blindly, but it also woven screens and verifies most of the ladies that you find on such a website. You can rest assured that all those profiles happen to be genuine and the a lot of women behind them are at the same time eligible and earnest about their intentions. The odds of getting scammed are next to make sure you zero when you get close to with a reputable Taiwan mail order would-be brides platform. Moreover, even as have mentioned, the very best Taiwan brides don’t go out on days all that much – so they often usually tend to take their internet dating life online and spend more time certainly, there than on serious dates. Only when on-line communication goes very well will they anticipate to take the relationship to the next stage and satisfy you in true to life. If you think about it, it’s also beneficial for you because it gives you the opportunity to get to know that or that amazing Taiwan woman greater before making a commitments. Either of you’re able to stop the talking at any time, should the item turn out that you don’t match each other all those things well, and preserve yourselves the disenchantment and embarrassment that you may have experienced in the passionate department. Online dating will be an optimal solution meant for an earnest gentleman willing to meet your Taiwan mail arrangement bride. Just pick the right website based on user feedback and professional reviews, and go meet the ones sexy Taiwan a lot of women! https://theonlybrides.com

Design Trend: Less is not more

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2019 by Brianna

Design trends are moving away from the minimalist look and embracing influences of the 80’s and 90’s, making way for experimentation with retro patterns and hues. Bright, bold colors and gradients have taken the place of crisp neutrals and soft fades are replacing solid lines. These changes are refreshing to the eyes and help capture attention.

Instead of utilizing starkly different colors, similar hues are layered to create subtle contrasts and natural gradients that draw in the viewer and guide their eyes as they navigate the website. Bold tones, shadows and layers create depth in a 2D space. These elements are interesting to the eye to keep the viewer engaged. Pilch & Barnet has embraced this theme by integrating bold color palettes and gradients into logos and other elements for our clients.

Web Trends: Give the Customer What They Want…On the Go

Posted on Friday, March 15, 2019 by Ben Jones

In 2018, mobile surpassed desktop for time spent on the web as a record 77 percent of Americans own smartphones. As a result, mobile optimization became more important than ever to brands hoping to gain loyal customers through the web. Whether consumers are shopping for clothing or hunting for homes, the experience they have can make or break decisions, especially when it comes to choosing how to spend money. Moving forward, web designers must prioritize mobile optimization to ensure potential customers can access information efficiently from their devices.

Common and necessary components of mobile-optimized sites include:

  1. Clickability: Sites designed for desktop have small buttons that can be difficult to press when using a touch screen mobile device, so designers must create buttons large enough for clicking with fingers.
  2. Readability: Text should be fitted to the screen. Site visitors should not need to scroll, zoom, etc. to read the information on a website.
  3. Searchability: Providing the visitor with the fastest route to the information they need will improve their experience. Designers should include a “search” bar to make websites user-friendly.

Keeping all of this in mind, Pilch & Barnet now designs all websites with a mobile-first approach.

Look who joined the team!

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2019 by Ben Jones

Ms. Kelley grew up in the business. Her family once owned an advertising agency, and her parents both worked in creative agencies. Even though she told herself as a teenager that she wasn’t going to follow in her family’s footsteps, funny story—it turns out she ended up loving the work (and was very good at it, to boot). Our office—and our clients—are all the better for it, as Ms. Kelley truly is a creative professional and her hard work and talents are put to good use on projects of all sorts.

Travelers Don’t Want to be Casual Observers

Posted on Friday, February 15, 2019 by Alan

Travelers want to be refreshed in 2019; new sights, unique events and educational experiences will be the deciding factors as adventurers make their travel plans in the coming year.

Au revoir, Paris

The road-less-traveled is growing in popularity as the hustle and bustle of cities feels all too familiar to seasoned travelers. Whether they’re looking for value or an escape from the noise, these explorers want to get off the beaten path. In addition to that, people feel the need to share photos of their trip on social media, but they don’t want to post the same Eiffel Tower picture everyone has seen 20 times. People want to be the trailblazer of their friend group, which means trying something new and unique.

Draw Them In

Souvenirs often come in the form of snow globes and t-shirts, but travelers are looking for something they can’t pick up at the gift shop: knowledge. More specifically, they want to learn more about art and the local artists who contribute to local culture. As people yearn for tangible, off-screen experiences, art is becoming an even more relevant tool for tourist destinations to use to draw visitors in. Permanent exhibits and temporary installations offer the enriching experiences tourists desire, and they provide something that will last long after the return home.

Get It To-Go

Classes, concerts, conferences, and other events add substance to vacations and offer opportunities for growth. Like the appeal of art exhibits, these experiences enhance the value of a trip because they have value beyond good memories. Tourists want to leave their mark by participating in classes and discussions, and they also want to use it when they’re back home. Maybe they learn how to cook a local dish or attend a seminar where they network with like-minded individuals. These opportunities create incentive for visitors to make the journey and provides them with lasting value.

How to Be Seen Without Seeing Too Much

Posted on Saturday, January 12, 2019 by Kelsey

In 2019, social media will be about giving the people what they want. Brands must perform a balancing act: produce relevant content and deliver it through customized channels without invading users’ space.

Going steady with influencers

Influencer marketing continues to earn its spot in marketing plans as industry pros recognize the value of this new word-of-mouth vehicle. In 2019, instead of having one transaction with an influencer, brands will maintain long-term relationships with influencers to produce continuous impressions among followers. Brands will also utilize influencer-generated content by sharing influencer photos, reviews and more on their own channels to increase the value of these partnerships.

People want privacy

Social media platforms like Facebook faced criticism in 2018 as privacy issues became a major concern. Users learned more about how their personal information was being sold and used, and they expressed their disapproval by changing privacy settings, spending less time online and even by deleting accounts. Now more than ever, brands must practice authenticity and transparency in advertising to avoid facing backlash.

Instagram creates new opportunities

Hitting one billion users in June 2018, Instagram has become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms with a highly engaged user base. The platform has continuously rolled out new features to keep users active including Instagram Stories and IGTV (see below), two vehicles where brands can showcase their products and services with ease. The key is to produce high-quality visuals that capture viewers’ attention.