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Visuals are King in the Age of Saturated Social

Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2018 by Kelsey

Social media is constantly evolving, and brands must be willing to adapt their content strategy to take full advantage of changing trends and platform capabilities. In 2018, high-quality visuals are the frontrunner in the content race. Keep reading to find out what other types of content win on social media.

Photos and video come out on top when it comes to engagement. That means they are liked, commented on and shared far more often than posts without visuals. People are drawn to posts with eye-catching, high-quality photos accompanied by text, especially captions including questions that prompt a response from the audience.

Behind-the-scenes content
People need a reason to spend their time viewing branded content. Brands can make followers feel like VIP guests by sharing “insider” information. By sharing content that can’t be found via Google search, brands give users a reason to return to their page to learn something new, see something unique and get to know the brand’s personality better.

Curated content
Brands can benefit from sharing content posted by other accounts. This includes articles, blog posts, photos, videos and anything related to the brand that followers might find useful or entertaining. Posting curated content simplifies the posting process and makes brand’s feeds more versatile and interesting to followers.

User-generated content
Sharing content posted by followers strengthens the connection between a brand and its audience. Like curated content, user-generated content is already created and only needs to be collected for sharing. Brands should share high-quality visuals and interesting shots from other users to keep their feed fresh.

Brand-to-consumer communication
Social media gives brands the power to connect with customers every day. By responding to posts about products and services, brands can strengthen relationships and create loyal customers. Utilizing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to create positive interactions with customers gives brands an edge over the competition.